Sergei Zhvachkin

Governor of Tomsk Oblast

Dear participants of the international pharmaceutical forum!

I am pleased to welcome you in Tomsk Oblast — a region where pharmaceutical industry has been successfully developing for a hundred years!

We have built a system of effective development of pharmaceutical industry. It is based on a highly-skilled staff trained in our Siberian state medical university, as well as science which brings out progressive ideas in the labs of SibSMU as well as in research centers of academic institutes, and on the innovational manufacturing business of end products, such as "Solagift", "Artlife" etc.

Currently, Tomsk pharmaceutical industry is implementing 46 projects with the participation of small enterprises as well as the backbones of Russian pharmaceutics, such as Tomsk scientific development and production organization "Virion" which has a hundred years of history. Both captains of pharmaceutical business and newcomers profit in our region by the same support and infrastructure which include a special economic zone, an industrial park and territorial innovation cluster "Pharmaceutics, medical devices and information technologies".

Pharmaceutical branch is not only one of the key points of the growth of Tomsk Oblast, it is also an important condition for health industry development, positive demography, increase of life expectancy. We believe in the future of Russian pharmaceutics, as its part on the pharmaceutical market has grown fourfold within several years and reached 20%.

I wish you successful work at the forum, reliable partners and large-scale projects which are awaiting you on our Tomsk grounds!


Liudmila Ogorodova

Deputy minister of education and science of the Russian Federation,
MD, professor


Dear colleagues!

The first international forum "Pharmaceutics and medical products" in Tomsk is a milestone event for the whole country. Out meeting shows the commitment of regions and their wish to develop innovation technologies and to participate in global scientific processes.

Biotechnologies and pharmaceutics are the most prioritized directions of innovative economy of Russia and developed countries because these are the branches in which the most important discoveries are made and groundbreaking technologies are created. Several Russian regions have already become the "growing points" of innovations. These are Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. Competitive advantages of Tomsk Oblast include high educational potential and intellectual resources. Tomsk takes the first position in the list of the cities of the Russian Federation with the highest concentration of scientific staff, the third position by the students ratio. In Tomsk, there is a successfully developing special technology development economic area. Recently, a programme has been started for the development of innovational territorial cluster "Pharmaceutics, medical devices and information technologies".

Today, Tomsk is a city of innovations. Annual growth of knowledge-intensive and innovational manufacturing in Tomsk Oblast is twice as large as in other regions of the Russian Federation.

I look forward to the first international forum "Pharmaceutics and medical devices" becoming a regular discussion platform of the key points of co-operation of innovative economy with Russian science, businesses and authorities.

I wish to all participants of the forum interesting encounters, new scientific ideas and a fruitful communication!


Sergei Bykovskii

President of the Pharmacontract
group of companies

Dear participants and guests of the first international forum "Pharmaceutics and medical products"! I am privileged to welcome you on behalf of the general partner of the forum, Pharmacontract group of companies.

Holding a pharmaceutical forum in Tomsk is of great importance for the development of innovational potential of the regions of the Russian Federation. The localization of biggest manufacturing companies producing medical drugs and technological, climate, control equipment, equipment for R&D laboratories of pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and related industries in the region with high scientific resources helps to avoid asymmetry in the accessibility of high-quality Russian medical drugs. Pharmacontract group of companies, which initiated the creation of an expert committee for pharmaceutical industry at the Sub-commission on implementation of medical technologies of the Commission of Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs on health industry, is interested in the development of pharmaceutical industry in Tomsk Oblast.

Participating in the event so large-scale for the Siberian Federal District, participants, visitors and guests have an opportunity to get latest procedure oriented information, to learn about latest practical aspects of pharmacy, to familiarize with modern equipment, to estimate the development of Tomsk scientists. We hope that the forum "Pharmaceutics and medical products" becomes a platform where the authors of innovative projects in pharmaceutical branch will make long-term contracts with investors, as well as where the representatives of pharmaceutical companies will find young highly-skilled staff for their enterprises with state-of-the-art equipment.

I wish to all of the participants of the forum fruitful and interesting work!